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Matt Hagger  (*M@) – Founder and CEO
Serial entrepreneur and futurist, *M@ founded E-Man at the tender age of 21.
Early career
Matt Hagger was born in England, is the founder of E-Man and a pioneer of product strategy and development in the field of web and mobile technology.
Before starting E-Man, *M@ developed the first ever business directory for Cambridge during his summer holidays; introducing the web to 250 local businesses and giving Cambridge a web presence. The company was acquired a year later.
*M@'s next venture (22) was to bring real-time to the web by triggering news alerts to the desktop of  users PC's, throughout the UK.  He created Net Sorcerer technology, which he patented and raised $500,000 in research and development funds from Cambridge University Science Park, St Johns Innovation Centre and the Department of Trade and Industry to pursue the project.  Net Sorcerer benchmarked desktop news alerts for media companies across the UK such as Rupert Murdoch’s BSKYB.
A love for mobile:
The development of the web from dialup to broadband and eventually into smart mobile devices generated a flurry of new ideas that he decided to pursue.  First *M@ created BlueWisdom; the first Bluetooth smartphone app for connected people nearby to run on the first windows mobile device in 2004. Pre-GPS in partnership with Phillips Microsystems.
Location and camera capability inevitably lead to the development of Zkatter in 2008, a concept for capturing video and photo moments from locations, years in advance of the Smartphone revolution we see today.  In 2010 Zkatter raised funding from Samsung and partnered with the company to help launch the mobile giants native smartphone platform, Bada.  *M@ helped support the launch of the Bada through alpha and beta and created one of the first three ever Android productivity applications when the Android team led by UI designer Romain Guy and were a team of just 6 people.  
Matt pictured below with a G1 prototype in 2009 with Google founder Sergey Brin and at Mobile World Congress in 2011 presenting Bada for Samsung as a lead developer/evangelist:
Matt’s other companies that have incubated inside E-Man are, PocketHighStreet, Redeemia, Juxtafeed, Burn This, Octane and his focus is now an exciting new product called Doppels.
In addition to this, *M@ has invested in and advised a number of high growth technology startups. M@ is currently a shareholder/investor in 8 companies based in Europe and California. Outside of his entrepreneurial endeavors Matt has mentored and consulted many start ups and large organizations on the subject of technology and product strategy. From companies such as NHS, Disney, BBC, Mastercard to the very best early stage startups in Europe and the USA.
Matt has been recognized for his work nationally. In 2009 Matt was named a Young Gun: The top 30 Entrepreneurs under 35.  He is the only enterpreneur to be featured in the SMARTA 100 two years running with separate ventures. being the overall winner in 2009!  In 2010 Matt was the winner of Samsung's WORLD DEVELOPER CHALLENGE netting $100k in prize money and in 2012, the year of the London Olympics, Matt won the BA Airways sponsored technology award category and was named one of 6 'Great Britons' who would be backed to pursue their dreams by the airline, being sponsored to travel across the world. Matt and his companies have been featured in many publications including Techcrunch, The Guardian,  and BBC click.
Outside of Entrepreneurship: 
Matt is a keen musician and broadcaster.  Before starting E-Man, Matt started a wholesale business aged 16, then created and sold a music magazine before rounding off his teenage years as front man for indie rock band Gravel. Matt now has a BBC radio show on Thursday mornings discussing technology to a mainstream audience and enjoys interviewing his friends.  Matt remains curious, open to change and passionate about big data, wearables and it's empowerment upon the movement and synconisation of humanity through technology.  Matt dreams of an efficiency grid harnessing time and space. Combining mapping with logistics and the maximisation of inventory usage, to optimise our time on earth.
Matt has a faith bigger than himself and needs every ounce of this as a lifelong West Ham United season ticket holder :)
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Matt divides his time between London, San Francisco and Los Angeles.
He has a blog and you can read it here.
Connect with Matt on twitter:  @matthagger


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