E-Man, historically, have led the path as pioneers of technological development, providing a catalyst to product advancement shaping the future in partnership with our founders in residence.

From creating the first real-time news alerts platform and piloting location aware bluetooth connectivity between smartphone devices, E-Man prototyped the world’s first location aware video sharing platform through Zkatter, launching one of the first 100 android apps ever and most recently a pioneer of AR development with Snatch.

The emergence of the blockchain could be as important a development to transactions and payments as the internet was to communications. E-Man labs have historically been an advocate of propelling and supporting disruptive new technology and with analysts already comparing current ICO’s to the early internet dotcom boom & IPO’s the debate rages on as to whether crypto-currency is a gold-rush backed by ignorant investors lacking real information, but driven by a desire for a quick return.

E-Man, however, are committed to bringing their rich history of turning ideas into products and then into successful companies by utilizing the blockchain as a way to enable companies to raise capital and put the proceeds to work effectively.

Conducting a token-sale, is a non equity based fund-raising opportunity that allows companies to raise capital using a method that is alternative to traditional venture financing. Before deciding to conduct an ICO for your company there are many factors to consider.

E-Man are London’s leading Blockchain consultancy having successfully advised startups entering our lab, on the technical and commercial feasibiliy and viability of conducting an ICO via the launch of a decentralized start up.

If you are new to blockchain technology, here’s a beginners guide to what we believe could be the future of secure transactions.

For help and advice in launching your ICO, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.